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måndag, juli 09, 2007
Katolsk dödsstöt mot ekumeniken...?
Suck - så var det kört igen - imorgon kan ekumeniken komma att läggas i malpåse för ett bra tag framöver:

"The Vatican is preparing to publish a document stressing that the only Church of Christ is the Catholic Church, which is the only one that possesses all means of salvation. The news agency specializing in covering the Vatican news said the document would be issued on Tuesday by the Belief and Religions Council, which was headed by Pope Benedict XVI before assuming his current post. The Italian 'Il Giornale' newspaper pointed out that the document emphasizes the Declaration Dominus Iesus, which was released in 2000 and caused sensation in the Christian world.

The newspaper added that this declaration was intended to stand up to the notion that all Christian churches have the same amount of truth. It is known that Benedict XVI condemns this theory, as he belongs to a trend considering these churches to have only part of the truth. The newspaper pointed out that Benedict XVI is the same Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who was head of the doctrine and faith council. The Declaration Dominus Iesus was issued in 2000 under his responsibility. It raised at the time a storm of severe reactions among various churches, especially the Protestant Church, which was considered by the declaration as just 'church groups.'"

Läs hela artikeln här.

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