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lördag, juni 30, 2007
Mirakel av skilda slag
Så var det dags för ännu ett mirakel med en gråtande staty.

Fortfarande ingen som har hört minsta lilla fniss från något religiöst föremål...?

Denna gång fälls tårarna i en fattig liten by i Ukraina. Själv tycker jag inte att det största miraklet är statyn utan ekumeniken tårarna har lett till... (Kanske det var det som var poängen med tårarna denna gång?)

Även en liten döende flicka har mirakulöst blivit frisk - inte tack vare statyn utan genom många människors böner för flickan.

Sju "truly handsome men" (lustigt sätt att beskriva det - som om bara fula män kan tänkas välja att bli präster), har också nyligen blivit prästvigda - i den katolska prästbristens tidevarv - kanske det också närmar sig ett mirakel? Det är ingen lyxtillvaro som bereds åt byprästen där - han verkar få bo sämst av alla. Borde ge en liten tankeställare till dem som huserar i Vatikanpalatset.

Håll till godo med utdragen ur artikeln i Sunday Catholic Weekly nedan - eller läs den i sin helhet här.


"From our Polish perspective Nizankowice is a curious place. 2,000 inhabitants and 3 large churches. About 40 Roman Catholics regained their church; there is also a Russian Orthodox church with domes and the Greek Catholics are building another church. And one should count those who go to one or the other church as they wish. For example, crowds of Greek Catholics participate in the Fatima processions. The local people say that God is one and they do not care which place they come to praise him.

Priests from Kalwaria Paclawska and Lviv, including seven newly ordained ones, truly handsome men, are celebrating solemn Mass. Rev. Ireneusz Skubis awards Fr Jacek Waligora with the medal ‘Mater Verbi’, special distinction of the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Niedziela’ and gives him a Sunday stole. He reminds the gathered people of Mary who sought ways to communicate with people in the 20th century. From Fatima to Nizankowice. ‘When someone cries we ask why? We must ask this question here, ‘Mary, why are you crying? What do you want to tell us?’, says Fr Skubis.

The gathering at the churchyard draws the attention of the local people. A brass band is playing with great panache. Young people are singing loudly. These things make ‘good people’ at the wattled fence stand clutching their sides, looking curiously like children. And when the parish priest from Dobromil is preaching passionately they are listening as if more attentively. After the Mass a solemn procession begins, in a Polish style, elegantly and majestically. And we can see some ecumenical element. And perhaps the first local miracle? A Greek Catholic priest asked the Catholic parish priest to lead the procession with Jesus Christ in a monstrance and the Madonna statue that cries tears to the Greek Orthodox church. And having heard that the Orthodox clergyman made a similar request so that he did not appear to be worse than the other priest. And so we are marching proudly along the streets in the fields of Nizankowice, between wooden cottages, small, coloured ones, passing thirty-year-old dirty cars, but how beautifully are we singing! How are we praying!

In the crowd there are extraordinary pilgrims, those we were granted the grace of seeing a miracle. The daughter of Mieczyslaw and Helena Zuk from Przeworsk was dying. She was in the state of clinical death without any chances to recover. The parents were in despair and phoned the priests they knew, including the priest in Nizankowice, asking them to pray for their daughter. And the believers in Nizankowice kept praying until the girl regained consciousness and was able to leave her bed. The doctors cannot explain her recovery.

The pilgrims from Przeworsk, who this time brought a window, door and bed to Nizankowice, ask me to look at the place the parish priest lives. He smiles and warns me, ‘But you cannot stand there…’ The cubbyhole, where you need a ladder to climb, is not even 170 cm high, some 2 x 2 m. A mattress on the floor, a little table full of papers, a misshapen little armchair – these is all furniture. The cubbyhole is a part of the church; one can feel terrible cold from the old walls. One cannot survive winter here but the priest will have to do that."

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