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fredag, oktober 05, 2007
Thérèse av Lisieux - mer om hennes prästkallelse

Jag letade efter annan info när jag råkade på denna artikel om Thérèses prästkallelse, skriven av Sr. Catharina Broomé - samma år som Thérèse blev kyrkolärare. Här några utdrag:

"Thérèse knew that she had the right to want this, knew even that her desire came from God. She could not deny it. She could have said, like her Lord, ‘I have the right to give it and I have the right to cake it back.’ Boldly she spoke of her priestly vocation, and that alone was a step forward.

We asked the question: What can the Holy Spirit mean by awakening in someone a vocation which is impossible to follow? The answer is found, as is so often the case, in the cross of Jesus. Catherine of Siena gave her life for the Church. She saw the approaching schism and was willing to suffer and die for the reformation of the Church. God accepted the sacrifice she made when she was only thirty three years old. She had not lived in vain. No one makes such a sacrifice in vain - it always has meaning.

Thérèse did nor think that she was the only woman who wanted to be a priest. At least, she imagined that St Barbara had had the same desire. And it is a fact that there have been and are women in the Catholic Church who have cherished the same longing. In our time it has been expressed as never before, and it compels us to try to understand why such a longing exists and if it has any significance. /.../

When we talk about Tradition, we do not mean the handing down of a final product from generation to generation; on the contrary, tradition, according to the Christian way of thinking, is something dynamic. Salvation is described as a historical event, inscribed in time. Just as each one of us must ‘grow completely until we are ‘fully mature with the fullness of Christ himself ' (Eph 4:13,15), so must the entire Church, which is the Body of Christ, grow and build itself up (v 16), obedient to the Spirit who will lead us to the complete truth (Jn 16:13). In the encyclical Peace on Earth, John VIII [rättelse: ska vara Johannes XXIII, se kommentarerna] urged the Church to ‘listen to the signs of the times in order to discern the voice of the Spirit in all that happens. /.../

Since the vocation to the priesthood meant so much to Thérèse, and because she sought the answers to all her questions in the gospels, we can assume chat even in this question she carefully studied the Scriptures. There is no indication that Thérèse found that the Lord meant men to have a special position in the Church. On the contrary everything she wrote on this subject confirms her belief that it was perfectly possible for a woman to be a priest in principle, even if in practice it was impossible, and at the time still unthinkable. During her lifetime the matter never came up for discussion at all. That is why it is so remarkable that, with the confidence of trust, she dared to speak as she did about her vocation - so uncompromisingly and in such detail. /.../

Thérèse had a special charisma, he [Påven] said, which made her daring in her way of interpreting the gospels, so that she had flashes of spiritual enlightenment (de véritables éclairs de doctrine). She ‘immersed herself in meditation on the word of God with unparalleled faith and spontaneity’ and ‘discovered hidden treasures by taking into her heart words and works, not seldom with a supernatural boldness. The Pope declared finally that she was ‘a teacher for our time, ‘a woman who tackled the gospels and could find there hidden treasures with realism, with depth when it was a matter of practising that which she had found in the scriptures, and with brilliant womanly wisdom."

Läs hela artikeln här. (Tyvärr innehåller den en hel del skrivfel, särskilt ett mycket olyckligt sådant - men det går att gissa sig till vad som menas.)

Read the whole article here. (There are some unfortunate language errors in it - but they are quite easy to detect.)

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postat av Charlotte Therese Björnström @ 13:16  
4 Kommentar/-er:
  • 05 oktober, 2007 14:54 sa Blogger Jan Thurin

    In the encyclical Peace on Earth, John VIII urged the Church to ‘listen to the signs of the times in order to discern the voice of the Spirit in all that happens. /.../

    Är detta påven som levde 872-882? Det vore ju ett väldigt bra argument om ställningstagande var vanligt bland påvar. Är det det? Benedictus XVI verkar ju ha en motsatt åsikt.

  • 05 oktober, 2007 15:37 sa Blogger Charlotte Therese


    Detta är ett av de många skrivfelen i artikeln.

    Den påve som åsyftas är Johannes den XXIII - initiativtagaren till Andra Vatikankonciliet.

    Encyklikan i fråga, Pacem in Terris, kom ut 1963.



  • 05 oktober, 2007 16:29 sa Blogger Jan Thurin

    Tittade lite på den något verbosa Pacem:

    The Right to Choose Freely One's State in Life

    15. Human beings have also the right to choose for themselves the kind of life which appeals to them: whether it is to found a family—in the founding of which both the man and the woman enjoy equal rights and duties—or to embrace the priesthood or the religious life. (l2)

    Är inte detta något för dig?

  • 05 oktober, 2007 17:05 sa Blogger Charlotte Therese


    Häpnadsväckande! Att ingen har sett detta tidigare!?

    För läser man det som det står så inkluderas faktiskt både kvinnor och män i samtliga val.

    Men naturligtvis menar Vatikanen det inte så.

    Fast detta bara måste jag skriva om i ett eget inlägg!!!

    Du lyste verkligen upp denna dag! :-)

    Och jag längtar efter den dag då Kyrkan verkligen kommer att mena vad som uttryckligen står i citatet!


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