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tisdag, februari 05, 2008
Vad ser du i tavlan?

Här är den senaste av mina målningar... (Fotot gör inte färgerna rättvisa, och den är mörkare i verkligheten, men det går ju att se själva motivet.)

Visade den för några vänner utan att säga vad jag hade tänkt att den skulle föreställa.

Det visade sig att det går att tolka den på flera sätt.

Då blev jag nyfiken på vilka ytterligare sätt det kan tänkas finnas.

Välkommen att berätta vad du ser....


This is my latest painting... (The photo doesn't make the colours justice, and it's darker in reality, but at least you can see the motive.)

I showed it to a few friends without saying anything about what I had thought when painting it.

It was soon clear that it can be seen in several ways.

Then I got curious - which more ways are there to interpret it?

Welcome to tell what you see in this painting...

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postat av Charlotte Therese Björnström @ 11:56  
9 Kommentar/-er:
  • 06 februari, 2008 11:10 sa Anonymous David

    My first reactions are interesting. . . face (compassionate and androgynous without specific gender) is emerging from the broken lines and seems to want to come toward me. I'm not sure what to make of the red (blood?)yet. It's not coming from the mouth for me but is simply there. Maybe it's an ancient wound that keeps the figure from speaking.
    I don't analyze art any longer .

  • 06 februari, 2008 11:12 sa Blogger Charlotte Therese


    Always very interesting to hear what others see in a painting....

    It gives me new perspectives, interpretations too...

    I got around 20 different interpretations to a painting of a woman and two men and a chalice and fishes and bread. I saw three or four of them myself as I painted.

    I didn't see that this face is androgynous - but now I see that...

    I thought it was obvious what I thought it was - but now I see it isn't - and that it isn't meant to be. It's open to many interpretations - and I welcome more of them.

    Every painting has many layers.

    The red colour....is mysterious. Maybe not a literal wound, rather symbolical, and I think, in the present moment - as well as in history.

    S/he is maybe wounded by what people do in the name of religion?

    It wasn't meant to be there - I mean - I didn't intentionally put it there - but red colour sparkled down there - and a mouth wanted to be next to it later on. That created the wound-looking place.


  • 06 februari, 2008 11:13 sa Anonymous David

    One of my poet/scholar friends is in his mid 70's. People read and comment on his work and it used to annoy him. Then he realized that his work had a universal quality. Even he doesn't know what he said. That's a more satisfying resolution.

  • 07 februari, 2008 08:54 sa Anonymous Mackan Andersson

    Tänkte skriva detta igår.

    Vet du, det ser ut som personen tittar upp från under vattenytan. Som i ett dop, kanske.

    Jag tolkade det röda som att gamla sår helas i vattnet (och det gamla blodet tvättas bort).


    När jag tittar på tavlan idag igen, ser jag delvis något annat. Ögonen är Kristusikonens.

    Är det Kristus som möter oss i dopet, eller att vi ikläder oss Kristus i dopet?

    (Sorry att jag snöade in på dopet. Vet inte varför det blev så starkt för mig.)

  • 07 februari, 2008 10:24 sa Blogger Charlotte Therese


    Tack för intressanta reflektioner...

    Jag såg själv ingen dopsymbolik i den medan jag målade - nu ser jag - och det utvidgar tolkningsmöjligheterna....!

    Det är detta jag tycker är en av de roligaste sakerna med att måla - att i efterhand få höra vad andra ser i tavlorna. Som inte jag har upptäckt ännu...!


  • 07 februari, 2008 10:25 sa Anonymous MaryAnn

    Dear Charlotte,

    I see a male face - eyes and nose, that might be Jesus. I see the mouth as feminine, and bleeding. My (very uneducated) guess would be that it could signify abuse upon women as being abuse upon Christ.

    I would be interested in knowing other's interpretations.


  • 07 februari, 2008 10:41 sa Blogger Charlotte Therese

    Dear MaryAnn,

    Thanks for giving us yet another view on the painting....

    The comment in Swedish speaks about it as a baptism, old wounds being healed in the water and the blood being washed away.

    And as an icon of Christ.

    Christ meeting us in baptism - or that we clothe ourselves in Christ.


  • 06 juni, 2008 02:45 sa Anonymous Anonym

    Please check out:


  • 06 juni, 2008 12:09 sa Blogger Charlotte Therese



    Very colourful....

    And very different from what I do - although we're somehow partly painting with the same thing in focus - what can't be seen in other ways than through symbols.

    I suppose you might be the artist behind these paintings?


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