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onsdag, juni 25, 2008
Tistou's adventures and prayer paws'
Meeeeow.... I was asked to blog in English for once, since I have many readers who don't know Swedish at all. Well, they should learn it quite easily - in a paw's twist (my own kittish' expression)!

I thought I'd emphasize my cat-templative sides a bit today, at least in an image - as I've mainly told about my hilarious and crazy pilgrimage adventures in this guest house and the surroundings so far (I've been visiting for two weeks - and God created me extraordinarily cute so I can have my will through to a high degree if not always). You may think I'm generally quite wild if you've read it all... And that I just sleep from exhaustion when I lie down, having the eyes shut.

But actually I meditate quite a lot - which gives me energy to run around and play (read: hunt exciting toes and skirts and chew on favourite clothes).

It's also quite tiring to meow as much as is needed before I'm served all the many meals I order. Well, I don't get them all (the ten or fifteen daily servings I really do want) - so the service is quite lousy at this cat restaurant. But I usually bite and cuddle myself to a little extra midnight snack so I can run around and hunt a fabric mouse and some other toys and mats while my servant tries to fall asleep. Hardest is to get the 4.30 am breakfast - I have to jump up and down in her bed, walk over her and stand next to her face and scream quite a bit before she gets the hint. Every morning. Such a slow learner. It's a bit easier regarding the second breakfast at 8 am. But not much. By then I at least usually destroyed all chances for her to fall asleep again....

Then it's my turn to take a nap, well, I sleep well until lunch time, then I awake by the lovely scents from the kitchen. Dinner is best - since I sometimes get a little treat from the hostess' plate - a piece of salmon or so. Which is much better than the cat food - although it's really good too - I get energy enough for at least ten cats by it! She uses to say that I'm getting speedy as if going on loads of charged Duracell batteries or some kind of steroids. Ok, I AM quite lively... Like all kittens.... Ok, then, a bit more than other kittens....

While I sleep, she needs to clean the floor and furniture and computer from tons of cat hairs - there's more every day. I have a very thick and fluffy fur. She's sneezing quite a lot when she does this and getting other symptoms as well. She's allergic - to me! Poor thing... Couldn't she have chosen to be allergic to something else instead? Why not the neighbour's cat? Or dogs? Why me....?

I love to sit at the balcony and look down on the grass there, as well as eating grass - and balcony plants of course. We've also made some pic-nic's and visited calves and stuff. I have travelled quite a bit!

I'm quite a musical cat as well. I mean: I wag my red and beautiful tail to the sounds around me - when she sings or says my name or something else that sounds melodious, or when we hear music from the neighbours - I respond to it by wagging the tail - even when I meditate or am half asleep.... She finds that very cute and funny. We'll probably listen to some special music today - as it's my last full day here (I leave tomorrow...sigh...end of the wild days...). I don't really know if we're celebrating that I'm leaving or that I've been such a pleasant company here...? Must be the latter.

This posting is nothing like the Swedish postings - so as I said - learn Swedish - NOW (or use the google translation tool for some rough pigeon English translation)...!

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I'll end with some interesting links.

Have a look at this blog of a cat lover. And don't miss this posting (with a quote from our common cat prayer: "give us this day our daily mouse") in another blog, about Larry the famous cat, which has been written about here originally (in Swedish).

And say what you think about this subject: "do animals have a soul?" (almost all the comments are in English).

We do have a prayerful cat-itude for sure....

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postat av Charlotte Therese Björnström @ 12:22  
4 Kommentar/-er:
  • 25 juni, 2008 16:05 sa Anonymous mac+

    Tistou, you are a model cat guest! The cats who share my life (Donovan, Sissy, Hiram and Mel) know that you are doing a very good job of training your hostess.

    All blessings for the joy you bring with you everywhere you go...


  • 25 juni, 2008 16:23 sa Anonymous tistou


    Thanks for those heart warming words - I'm purring like an engine as I read them.

    My hostess should really learn to appreciate me even more...

    I just bribed myself to a taste of an early dinner - two hours before I should get it. Biting toes and meowing loudly does work!

    Now I'm hyper charged again... The fun starts...!

    Just as she's on her way to wipe away cat hairs and prepare some dinner for human friends that will be visiting to adore me.

    Say meow to my cat pals at your house! It seems like they trained you in an excellent way.


  • 25 juni, 2008 16:46 sa Anonymous Anonym

    this cat is soooooooooo beautiful!
    he is a real catismatic! heheheeh
    Saint Francis, pray for us! heeheh

  • 25 juni, 2008 16:49 sa Blogger Charlotte Therese


    Yes, a real cutie - but also a huge paw full.... :-)

    I'll get such a vacation when he leaves... But will miss him for sure...


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