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lördag, januari 12, 2008
An Ortodox view on Theosis

[T]here is a vast difference between a mystical, metaphysical union with an impersonal Being and the kind of union with the Divine taught us in Scripture. Here we have not to do with the union of absorption, but with a union that grows out of reciprocal intercourse, a union of heart and will and intellect; and such a union is possible only between personal beings. Only the personality of God makes possible the union of communion with him.

– Albert C. Knudson (1930)

Här kommer en uppföljare till inlägget om mystik i förra veckan.

Det är skrivet av två personer som känner till ämnet väl - så passa på att ställa frågor och delta i diskussionen!

Läs artikeln här.


Here is the follow-up on last weeks posting about mysticism.

It's written by two persons who know much about the subject - so take this chance to ask questions and comment it!

Read the article here.

Images: St. Symeon the New Theologian and St. Seraphim of Sarov

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