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fredag, juni 20, 2008
Påvlig ofelbarhet - versus kvinnliga präster
Fick en länk till en intressant artikel igår - här ett utdrag:

"Obviously, ordination of women would be an innovation for Catholics – it was also for Anglicans in the 1970s. Yet the argument that something has not yet been done in the past is not a conclusive argument that it never will be done in the future. An infallible pronouncement requires connection to revelation, and is not proven by a negative. In other words, the absence of biblical sources advocating women’s ordination is not equivalent to an explicit ban against it. Note as well that Jesus chose only Jewish men, yet that was not considered a ban against Gentile priests and bishops. So citing what Jesus did or did not do is scarcely definitive here. Finally, the pope’s distinction about what is theological and what is cultural in the scriptures about women’s ordination had not achieved the consensus required for an infallible declaration.

Theologians noted that in 1976 the Pontifical Biblical Commission had advised Paul VI by a vote of 12-5 that the ordination of women was “not against scripture.” Moreover, the underground Catholic Church in Communist Czechoslovakia had ordained at least one woman, Ludmila Javorova, to be a priest serving the Diocese of Brno under Bishop Felix Davidek. The exercise of her priesthood is subject to regulation, but not the validity of her ordination in 1970. The same distinction also applies to the recent declaration (April 6, 2008) of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that would excommunicate women priests being ordained and the ordaining bishops in any future ritual. However, the sin committed would be disobedience to Church policy – the Sacrament of Holy Orders is not sinful."

Läs hela artikeln här - och välkommen att kommentera!

Fotnot: påven har inte gjort anspråk på att uttala en ofelbar lära angående detta - bara svindlande nära.

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