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måndag, augusti 11, 2008
Tistou - the blogging cat - assorted impressions


As you can see, I've been here again for another fun cat circus time.... ;-)

Unfortunately it's been raining cats and dogs (mainly cats of course!) ever since I arrived, so I haven't been able to get further out than to the balcony to meow a little bit, except once, more about that time below. I do love to go by bike in my transport box..... So hope for an opportunity during today (my last day here).

Some nights ago I got my early first breakfast as usual since I refused to be silent until then (I have a very strong voice - and it's extra efficient during the nights - think the neighbours can hear me as well - so the hostess HAS to get up and give me something to chew on). And the second breakfast got purrfectly served some hours later. It was worse another day when the second breakfast didn't arrive until 10 am! (Got the first one around 5, or was it 6?)

We got a visit by a painter at lunch time some days ago - he smelled very interestingly - I sniffed at his clothes for quite awhile and then hunted invisible mice back and forth under his painting chair. He enhanced the paint on a small window that got broken previously but has been fixed. He's a kind of colleague to my cat hostess since she's painting too. Cats of course! And some birds too... Too bad one can't eat painted birds! I've seen lots of real ones flying from the balcony lately - even found a grey feather AT the balcony - but haven't been able to catch a single bird - the distance is too far...

The cat hostess has been trying to fix a computer during these days - with less good results - it's even more damaged now, and she had to give up for now.... She's just entered a silent retreat. I'll stay during the first day of the retreat as you probably understand - and will try not to meow so much (that'll be hard!). MEO...ooops!

She's been busy all evening yesterday taking care of rinsing and trying to dry tons of cat hair laundry (and other laundry too, well, all laundry is cat hair stuffed, some more, some less) - because the machines suddenly stopped working in the middle of washing... Nice mice... She'll have to do it all over again in a bit more than a week from now since nothing got cleaned, and there were no unbooked laundry times until then....

[So there are] cat hairs here,
cat hairs there,
cat hairs everywhere!

(A song of my own proud catcomposition.)

The kitchen is my most fun playground nowadays - since both my bag (where I run in and hide) and other toys are gathered there - the cat hostess wished that she had had a video camera some mornings ago to show my highly energetic playing to the world.... But you'll just have to imagine it....

I've had some interesting meetings with a very angry little cat twice now - we hissed at each other, and I sounded like a dog too. But first s/he sat at the stairs outside my hostess door, meowing loudly. And when the hostess opened the door - and I came to see who was there - s/he started hissing. To my big surprise. So I waited awhile (having good cat manners myself) and then finally answered back when s/he didn't stop.

I finally won - since s/he ran down and hid when I was lifted up so I wouldn't run away. But we met again yesterday when I went out for a walk - I heard some meowing from the bushes - and when I passed, I saw something moving there, so I went back - and found him/her there again - hiding. The hostess met that cat again when she went down with laundry. And she had a chat with him/her - who was afraid even though I wasn't with her. S/he's just a scared little one....

But don't know what happened to another really poor and injured little kitten that was found outside the house when I arrived here...

I ran away yesterday - didn't get very far - only one stair - sneaked out when the door was opened...he he... I like adventures...

By the way, haven't gotten a shower this time....but am cleaning my own lovely fur as usual of course. We white or cream white birmas are a bit disadvantaged in that area since we have to get away also all the visible dirt in a way that grey or black ordinary cats don't need to think of.... They just lick themselves where it's absolutely necessary, the lazy little bast....(censured).

Thought I'd have a little cat-echism here some day.... Since I'm a very cat-holic cat. Maybe I'll be allowed to guest blog at a distance some time...? Well, I may do so even if I'm not allowed to... I kneeeow the pass word... ;-)

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