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torsdag, juli 17, 2008
Apropå kvinnliga biskopar
Läste just en intressant artikel - nedan några utdrag.

Senare i artikeln tas frågan om enbart män som representanter för Kristus upp - ur ett för mig nytt perspektiv. Även Gudsbildens manliga och kvinnliga sidor - och deras betydelse för Kyrkan tas upp - dessutom jämförs protestantiska och katolska kyrkan i detta hänseende.


""Bishops enjoy the fullness of the sacrament of orders and both priests and deacons are dependent upon them in the exercise of their authority. For the priests are the prudent fellow workers of the episcopal order and are themselves consecrated as true priests of the New Testament, just as deacons are ordained for the ministry and serve the people of God in communion with the bishop and his presbytery."

According to the most authoritative Catholic sources, therefore, priesthood and episcopacy are so closely united in the unity of holy orders and the unity of the local church round their bishop, that the question of women bishops and women priests are one and the same question.


For the community of Roman Catholic theologians the simple issue is: are the arguments for excluding women from ordination given by the Vatican valid or not? Did Jesus Christ establish a norm when only choosing men under the initial twelve? Did the subsequent reluctance to ordain women in the Church derive from cultural prejudices, or from an awareness of a presumed divine and revealed injunction originating in Jesus himself? The answer determines the fate of women deacons, priests and bishops - all in one stroke.

And what is their verdict?

By all evidence available to me, I estimate that three-quarters of Catholic theologians disagree with the official position held out by the Vatican. They do not accept as proven that Jesus Christ himself excluded women from future ministries. They point at cultural bias against women as the culprit of anti-women decisions in tradition."

Läs hela artikeln här.

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