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tisdag, april 24, 2007
Kvinnliga katolska präster - intervju
Ur en intressant artikel i Herald Tribune, 15 april 2007:


"I believe that the groundswell of opinion among the people, who are the church, will eventually become a tidal wave, a tsunami, that will overwhelm the prevailing hierarchical sexist attitudes in the church," said Fresen.


For Meehan and her small flock, moving away from the large, institutionalized church is essential to the survival of Roman Catholicism.

"I don't think Jesus Christ would recognize the institutional church today from what he founded," said Meehan. "I think actually doing the house church, humble as it seems, is closer to the heart of Christ than the kind of structure that we have today with all its power and glory and prestige."

Rather than be part of the hierarchy, Meehan sees herself as an essential part of the community."I've gotten to be just wrapped up in the community, as a member, an equal member of a dynamic, Catholic, vibrant community, fully aware of their gifts and fully empowered to serve," she said. "One of the big changes we have to move from is the hierarchical, top-down (-style) to the circle of equals -- equally gifted, with diverse gifts to serve the community. We see ourselves ministering within a community of equals. We need that kind of church reform and renewal, and I think that will be a big help to the church to transform it."

Läs hela artikeln här.

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